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Artist Envy

Well hello there,

It’s been a while hasn’t it? I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve missed writing this blog and thought it was high time I picked it back up again, especially with some awesome movies being released recently. But, this latest blog post is not to discuss a certain wonderful woman or the spider who has finally come home. No, no.

This is to bring to you attention, the fantastic artwork of Lord Mesa and Mr Michael Pasquale. This is for no other reason than I think the work they produce is brilliant and you should delight in it yourselves.

First of all, let me introduce you to Lord Mesa. I became aware of his artwork through my love of all things Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. He takes scenes or moments from episodes and recreates them in art form with his own little spin. here’s a sample of what he does.Lord Mesa

Just look at it. Isn’t it awesome. He has a great knack for being able to capture really emotional moments and recreate it perfectly. If you don’t believe me, then take the word of the people responsible for Arrow. In the 5th season, they used some of his artwork on a cake that appeared in an episode and was referenced to as the Lord Mesa Bakery (it’s a great idea, just saying).

To see more of his work head over to Twitter and look up @lordmesa.

Next up is Michael Pasquale.

I only recently became aware of Mr Pasquale when a friend of mine liked one of his pics on Twitter. Since then I have spent a lot of time pouring over his artwork. What I love about his work is that it reminds me of Manga films I used to watch when I was a nipper. Particularly, Fist of the North Star. If you look him up on Twitter @800lbProds and look at the Star Wars pics he’s done, then you’ll see what I mean.

Here is a selection of some of my favourite pics of his.800lbProds

This is only a sample and you should definitely check him out on Twitter. The stuff he has done in relation to Spider-Man Homecoming is stunning. I may have a couple of pics of his as my lock screen and home screen on my phone.

One thing Mr Pasquale does which I love is art drops. He basically goes out to locations and places certain pieces of art work for people to find. He’ll drop a message on Twitter to give people an idea of where it is and the it’s a mad dash to get there first. Genius.


Looking at the work of these gentlemen does make me wish I could draw in this way (seriously, I would have wall to wall art work up in my house).

Well that is all from me for the time being. I think I’ll start writing more again, especially with summer blockbusters coming out and shows soon starting up again.

Take care peeps and speak to you soon.

ps neither of the gentlemen asked me to write this or mention them. It was written purely for my own enjoyment and admiration.

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So Many Shows, So Little Time.

This October, the CW are throwing down the gauntlet in terms of badass to shows for our viewing pleasure. 

Be warned, here be spoilers in the following. Sammy the Spoiler Squirrel is on hand to warn you. 

We will have The Flash season 3, Arrow season 5, Legends of Tomorrow season 2 and Supergirl season 2. This can only mean one thing…. it’s time to kiss good bye to your families from Monday to Thursday. 

Now that Supergirl has moved over to the CW, we will get to see a 4 show super crossover! The sheer logistics of this will make the mind boggle, but fear not as the awesome Greg Berlanti is all over it. This could be one of the most epic things people will witness in a long time.

I personally am very interested to see how the shows tie together. A popular theory is since Barry went back and saved his mother from being killed and created the flashpoint (exciting right), this is the event that links them all.  I can’t wait to see the Arrow team meet Supergirl and Diggles reaction to her. 

If I’m honest, the show I’m most looking forward to returning is The Flash, purely because they seem to have no fear with the storylines they put out there. We also get Kevin Smith returning to direct an episode and he will also be directing Supergirl for the episode titled “Supergirl Lives”, in a pretty sweet nod to the script he wrote some time ago called “Superman Lives”.

One thing is for certain, that come October, the Internet will be ablaze with theories and rumours about what will happen in the upcoming shows.

I almost forgot to mention the “what’s in the box?” moment from Supergirl. Who do you think is in the ship that landed at the end of season 1. If Supergirls face is anything to go by then she is just as confused as we are. 

On top of all this mystery we are also finally getting to see the big man himself Superman, played by Tyler Hoechlin. He’s going to have his work cut out for him as Melissa Benoist has proved herself to completely own the screen as Kara. Again, it’s going to be exciting to see what storylines he’s involved with. His does look very cool in the suit though and I really hope it goes well for him. 

So, what show are you most looking forward to and what are your thoughts on how Barry’s actions will affect the shows?

Let me know in the comments if you fancy weighing in on the subject. 

That’s all for now. 

See you soon.

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It’s Been A While.

Well hello there, 

I know, I know, I’ve been away for a while haven’t I. This is due to a couple of things. Firstly, I’ve been busier than a busy man living in busy town so haven’t had the chance to do much writing. Secondly, I started writing for a site that ended up taking all the fun out of it for me which ended up with me setting up a site with a friend, which was loads of fun but ultimately ran out of time to write again.

Recently I’ve been thinking about writing this blog again because it chills me out and I really enjoy it. Also with the amount of films and tv shows on the way it seems like the perfect time to start back up again. 

So over the next few weeks I’ll be writing about all things geeky so if that’s up your street then keep an eye out. 

See you soon. 

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Supergirl and The Flash To Crossover – Who Will Be Next?

Yesterday it was confirmed that The Flash will be appearing on the March 28th episode of Supergirl.As a fan of both shows, this was very exciting news indeed. It opens up a few questions about what the story line will be and why Barry will appear. For me, the most important question I could think of was “Does this mean that Arrow will crossover at some point?”

The logistics of this happening are quite complicated due to schedules, but it could be so good if they make it happen.

They would need to make sure the storyline was right something the fans can get behind. I’m not thinking that it would happen this year, I think next season would be more effective. Especially if at the end of the Supergirl/Flash crossover, there could be a hint of a possible big bad on the horizon.

This is just my geeky side taking over, but picture a team up next year that sees Supergirl, Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow all working together.
Arrow would be on its fifth season next year, which would be the end of the flashbacks showing how Oliver became the vigilante we met in the first season. There is something quite fitting about the idea of it going out with a big finish and that could be a super cross over event.
A two-hour special should just about do it and the man who has a large say in all this is Greg Berlanti. Berlanti is the writer/producer behind the shows I’ve mentioned, and probably has some surprises for fans in upcoming episodes.
For now I will wait with to see how the Supergirl/Flash crossover happens. We have been given a sneak peek at what the episode title is. Take a look at this.

This picture was released yesterday just after the crossover announcement. People were talking about the fact it could mean we are going to see more versions of Earth in the near future. I really like the idea of Supergirl being from Earth Three and that’s why no-one has mentioned her yet. Ultimately, that is pure speculation, so far now I will happily wait to see what comes up in “Worlds Finest.”

What are your thoughts on what could happen?
How would you like to see the crossover take place?
Let me know in the comments.
That’s all for now, see you soon.

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Batman vs Superman:Trailer breakdown

So this morning I woke up to see this little gem waiting to be watched. After being aired on Jimmy Kimmel last night it was released for the world to see. After doing the last blog post with the trailer breakdown for Captain America Civil War, I thought I’d do it again, you know, for funsies.

Let’s go then 


The trailer starts off with Clark and Bruce meeting each other for the first time. Clark asks Bruce what his thoughts on the Bat vigilante are and Ben Affleck (who I think is going to be awesome as Bruce/Batman) gives the tiniest smile. This looks like it could be a fun scene with both sides having a dig at the others alter ego. 

We then see a headline from the Gotham Free Press which shows Batman has taken to branding the criminals he catches.

Then it’s a clearer shot of the statue of Superman (I wonder if the guy in the wheelchair is someone of importance?) and then it’s another look at the Robin suit from when the Joker presumably killed him. The line that Bruce gives here “we have a bad history of freaks dressed like clowns” is fantastic.

Lex then pops up as the host of the party. I’m not too sure about this version yet. He sounds a little bit annoying in this scene but I’m hoping it’s just an act as he sounds different in other parts of the trailer.

Jeremy Irons is up next as Alfred, who is asking if Bruce wants to go to war with Superman? There is a shot from Bruce’s perspective of the fight between Superman and Zod from Man of Steel. 

Also another look at the destruction that fight caused.

I’m just gonna leave this here…….. how freaking awesome does he look? 

Then the trailer picks it up a notch with our heroes squaring up to each other and starting what looks like is going to be an awesome fight.  

Couple of great shots of the Batwing flying over something that doesn’t look in a good way. I really like the design of this Batwing. 

Superman looking really pissed off the Bats shot at him although… 

…The next shot is of Batman swinging from rooftops to avoid getting a face full of eye lasers. So both sides getting some good shots in. 

We then see Lex and Lois having a confrontation where Lois calls him psychotic to which Lex shows he really doesn’t care what she thinks. 

Batmobile skidding around and generally looking awesome. 

What in the good green hell are these winged things picking people off. Answers on a post card please. 

We then see that Lex has Zods body and is planning on doing something not so Christian like with it.

As Lex is having a rant here we can see Superman stood behind him. What’s that about? Is Lex somehow controlling him? 

 Up next some sort of weird machine that definitely looks like something that a certain Dr F would use. I wonder what on Earth could be happening? 

And here he is – Doomsday! This was the most disappointing part of the trailer for me. I think it’s got lots of people talking as some love it and some think it’s completely wrong. If he continues to grow bones and gets more monstrous then that’s ok. Just please don’t make him talk. 

It turns out that not only can Mr Doomsday shoot beams from his eyes but also from his big old mouth. He gets Batman firmly in his sights and let’s fly a massive beam of energy that does this … 

Which must mean that The Batman is no more, surely not… 

…because here comes Gal Gadot looking awesome as hell as Wonder Woman. She ducks behind the shield and Superman just … well he puts his head down and his super parting just deflects the blast away. 

Just about enough time for a glimpse of some of the chemistry that Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck have as Supes asks “is she with you?” To which Batman dead pans “I thought she was with you?” 

The trailer then ends on a shot of the Trinity which just looks fantastic. 

So what do you think people, has this got you even more excited for the film or not so much. I personally can’t wait but then I’m a massive geek so it’s a given. Apart from Doomsday which I’ll probably get over in a month or so I think it’s looking really, really good.

If you have any theories about the film or if I’ve missed anything out then give me a shout.

That’s all for now.

See you soon.

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Captain America: Civil War. Trailer Breakdown.

So today started off like any other day. I woke up (begrudgingly) and started to get ready for the day ahead. I woke my little girl from her slumber so we could get dressed and go downstairs to get some breakfast. So off we went into the kitchen and as I started to make breakfast it happened… I saw this picture with the title “Captain America Civil War Teaser Trailer” and for the next 2mins and 26secs I stood completely still and watched intently.

 Once it had finished 2 things happened, 1 – I immediately shared the video so that people could, nay, would get the start to the morning they deserve and 2 – my little girl asked me why it was taking so long for Daddy to make her Weetabix.

 On the bus to work I thought it might be quite nice to do a little breakdown of some of my fav parts from the trailer and make some little guesses about what could be going on and just generally geek out a little bit. Apologies if the pics aren’t great but trying to get screenshots on my phone while on a bumpy bus ride isn’t as easy as it sounds.


So here we go

 First we have part of the clip that we have seen before in the post credit scene from Ant-Man. Cap is shown trying to see if Bucky remembers anything about who he is (which may not be that easy considering his arm is trapped in what looks like a giant vice). Bucky mentions a couple of things from Caps past which clearly gives Cap some hope that his friend may be on the mend.

   Next is a clip of Bucky jumping through window. Which could either be from later on in the film or the beginning of it and how Cap and Falcon catch him. Either way it looks awesome.

   Then we see a shot of the Avengers building. I’d like to bet that this building won’t look as pristine as it does at the moment by the end of the film.


 Next we see General Ross briefing Cap, Black Widow and some others, where he produces a document which I first thought was the Superhero Registration Act but after looking closer, the writing looks Russian so it could be a file on all the bad stuff Bucky did as the Winter Solider.
   The trailer then cuts to Black Widow and Cap having a conversation where she is asking him “not to do it” and Cap responds with “Are you going to arrest me?” The lines being drawn quite clearly as to which side they are both on.


 Here we get our first shot of Tony in the Iron Man suit talking to Cap after what looks like a bit of a chase or a fight has happened. Tony is mocking Cap so this could be from later on in the film.

   We then see Tony telling Cap that he would like to punch him in his perfect teeth. There goes the bromance then. Tony looks really annoyed with Cap so this could follow a discussion about the registration act.


 Now we get to the really cool stuff. Falcon is seen doing a dive bomb from the top of a building …


   …and when the wings open we can see that his wings are red and white in a lovely little nod to the outfit from the comics.


  He also shows that he doesn’t believe in choosing fight or flight and that he’s quite comfortable doing both. Personally I think he’s showing off. 


  Next we get a glance at the opposing sides taking shape. First up there is Iron Man and War Machine on one side



 And Captain America, Falcon, Bucky aka Winter Solider, Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch on the other.


 I couldn’t figure out what this aerial shot was of. You can see someone running and avoiding explosions but couldn’t tell if it was Bucky or someone else. There is no mistaking the next person though…


   Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther. This is such an awesome shot and a great look at the costume (he looks really, really cool).


 Now we see Team Cap set off in what looks like a charge into battle. Scarlet Wicth shows off with a nifty little way of taking to the skies. Well when you can fire beams of energy out of your hands then why the hell not.


 Then back to Black Panther who is laying the smackdown on Bucky with a flying roundhouse kick, which leads into…


   …Cap giving chase to Black Panther or should I say trying to as Black Panther doesn’t look that easy to catch. I’d love a scene in a later film where Cap is out running and Black Panther runs past him saying “On your left” with Falcon seeing it and laughing.



   Then its back to Cap who really doesn’t want that helicopter to leave. I wonder who could be on it?


 We have a brief shot of Black Widow stood watching something exploding. This could be mid battle with Team Cap or something completely different, I just liked the shot.


 Then the final few seconds of the trailer where they have saved the best for last. First we see Bucky laying into Iron Man with a god almighty punch…


 …and if that wasn’t enough, he wants the reactor as a little souvenir. No-one likes a greedy guts Bucky.


 Now comes the emotional sucker punch. As we see Tony cradling Rhodey, you can hear Cap say “I’m sorry Tony. You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice. But he’s my friend”….


   …Which cuts to Tony who replies “So was I” looking absolutely gutted, delivering a line meant to get you right in the feels… and it does.


The last thing we see is Cap and Bucky taking on Iron Man in a close combat fight and Cap throwing a massive punch with the shield. I agree with a comment that I saw earlier that Tony looks like he doesn’t want to fight them and he gets taken down with some awesome moves from the old friends. It makes you kinda root for Tony and feel sorry for him. Which will be great during the film if you never really know who’s side you want to win.


 And that’s it boys and girls. If you have any other theories on what you saw in the trailer then let me know. I cant wait for this film but June seems like such a long time away. Thank heavens we have Star Wars in between to keep us ticking over.


That’s all for now.


See you soon.


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The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2: The Review

Well that’s it. The end of another franchise. No more Hunger Games now until someone feels it’s time for a reboot…

It does however finish in a good way. Here’s a spoiler free review for you to have a look at. 

Th film picks up directly after part 1 where Peeta attacked Katniss after being conditioned to hate her by the Capitol. Then begins the planning of a special mission to end the war for good. This is where the film drags a little bit as there seems to be a lot of Katniss moping about. I’m guessing Jennifer Lawrence was chuffed when the shoot finished so she could smile a bit. Poor old Katniss… not so much with the funnies. 

The film is changed around from the book a little bit which means certain characters get more to do which isn’t a bad thing.  What they didn’t do is include all the action from when they are trying to get through the Pods(booby traps). These scenes were great and tense and didn’t half make a few people jump ( myself included).

What could have been put into 1 film has been stretched over 2 and this does make some parts drag a little bit but it doesn’t make it less enjoyable, you just want more action. 

One thing I do like about these films is the excellent supporting cast, Josh Hutcherson, Donald Sutherland, the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson to name but a few. 

So in closing, if you’ve only seen the films this is a great way to end the series. If on the other hand you’ve read the books then you may find yourself a bit frustrated with it at times but still enjoying the finished article. 

That’s all for now. 

See you soon.

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Here’s another little story about a guy named Zoom.

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote a little blog post reg the big bad in season 2 of The Flash called Zoom. The post basically said that I thought that it would be cool if Zoom turned out to be the Earth 2 version of Barry’s dad Henry Allen. 

Well… scrap that, as I have a completely different idea to who I think it is now.


Be warned that if you haven’t seen Ep 5 of Season 2 (UK is one week behind the States which sucks) yet then you may not want to read any further as spoilers lie ahead.


Sammy the Spoiler Squirrel is your last warning …



If you are like that cat that is far too curious for its own good then read ahead for my take on it.


So here it is. I think that ZOOM is none other than Earth 2’s version of……. Barry Allen. There are prob plenty of other people that have thought this already but here is my take on it.


Here is how I would like it to have happened. The Earth 2 version of Barry Allen was a normal kid with a loving family until 1 day he loses his parents in a car crash. This has a devastating effect on him but he seems to get through it after being taken in by family friend Joe West.


Jump forward to adult Barry who is now working as a forensic scientist for the police force (same as the Earth 1 version). The particle accelerator incident happens which again causes Barry to be struck by lightning and is in a coma for 9mths. Now here’s where we take this version in the other direction. After waking up, Barry finds out that Joe and Iris were killed by a metahuman which causes Barry to have a mental break as he has lost everyone that he ever loved.


He begins to use his powers and slowly gets faster and faster until one day he somehow crosses over to our Earth. While here he sees E1 Barry and sees how his life is different and that he has friends and loved ones around him which enrages E2 Barry. While here he discovers that he is the Flash and decides that he wants to destroy his life so he becomes Zoom (this is my theory on why the suit looks similar to E1 Barry. Zoom’s life has been a nightmare so he becomes the nightmare version of the Flash).


Zoom then crosses back over to his world and then finds that he can no longer get back across to ours which only causes his anger to increase and he then goes after the next best thing, Jay Garrick, and proceeds to terrorise him for the next 2 years.


When the singularity happens Zoom realises that he now has the means to truly destroy Barry’s life and puts his plan into motion.


There have been a couple of things that have made me think this. 1 – since the singularity happened, we haven’t heard anything of the Earth 2 version of Barry or the gang. If you were in that situation would you not want to know about the other version of yourself. Maybe the reason why we haven’t seen anything is because its coming up in a future episode.


2 – Zooms suit is the pretty much identical to Barry’s only a nightmare version which may be a clue to the mental state of Earth 2 Barry as he is living a waking nightmare.


3 – There was a few times in Ep 5 where time travel is mentioned and how Barry has done it a couple of times. Then when you see that Zoom has Wells daughter and she says that her father will kill him, Zoom responds with “I will not die, but yours and your father’s fate is undecided”. Is this because he has figured out time travel also and has been to the future himself and seen certain things. Maybe he has figured out how to cross into other versions of Earth and has already killed other versions of Flash and already absorbed their Speed Force which is why he is so strong. Earth 2 Wells mentions the multi verse in the episode so it’s not impossible.


This could be so far off the mark that its silly but you just never know.


I for one am very excited to see how it pans out.


That’s all for now.


See you soon.

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Spectre: The Review

Daniel Craig is back for his fourth and possibly final outing as the suave and sophisticated James Bond and if it is his last then what a way to finish it. 

The opening sequence is always something to look forward to and this one is no exception. Set in Mexico during the Day of the Dead we see Bond following someone through the crowd in an absolutely stunning tracking shot.

This then leads into the opening credits with the Sam Smith which I heard for the first time last night and to all those people saying it wasn’t a good Bond theme song, shame on you! On the big screen with the title sequence it works so well.

I can’t say much about the story as I don’t want to give to much away. I will just say it involves a fantastic helicopter chase and a brilliant fight on a train.

Daniel Craig is again great as Bond and manages to make him funny without seeming like he’s trying. If this is his last outing then whoever steps into his shoes is going to have a hell of a job on their hands.

The supporting cast also need a mention. Ralph Fiennes is great as M and seems to be settling into the role really well. Ben Whishaw is excellent as Q and has some very funny moments with 007. The Bond girls are good  although Monica Bellucci is only in the film for about 2 mins. Léa Seydoux has a lot more scenes with Bond and has great chemistry with Daniel Craig.

I really liked Dave Bautista as Mr Hinx, who has an air of Jaws about him with his metal finger nails that are used quite effectively. 

The one bit of casting that let me down was Christoph Waltz as Franz Oberhauser as he just wasn’t used anywhere near enough. It’s a shame as he’s one of my fav actors and is great at playing the bad guy and just doesn’t get enough time to do it. 

But… that doesn’t stop this from being a great film and I highly recommend that you watch it on the biggest screen you can find.

That’s all for now.

See you soon. 

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The Last Witch Hunter: The Review.

This was one of those films where when you watch the trailer you kinda know exactly what you are going to get. There will be some great action sequences, the effects will be quite good and Vin Diesel will talk in his husky growl. 

All of these things are true….. and that doesn’t necessarily make this a bad film. 

Your brief synopsis is that Kaulder (Mr Diesel) is a witch hunter who is cursed with immortality and for 800 years hunts and imprisons said pesky witches while driving round in a very flash car. Things take a turn for the worst when the Witch Queen looks to be making a comeback. Que fights and magic and some supernatural going a on. 

The film doesn’t exactly keep you on the edge of your seat but it is entertaining although a little predictable (one little twist I spotted coming a mile off). 

What I will say is that it’s definitely not the worst film I’ve ever seen and if the rumours of a sequel are true then hopefully they will improve on this one. 

This film kinda reminds me of Constantine in the way that it’s filmed and the effects. Which isn’t a bad thing as I really enjoyed Constantine. What they could have done with more of is a bit of humour.

To sum up, this is a good film for an afternoon of its a rainy day and you want some entertainment.

That’s all for now.

See you soon.